Discover The Most Photogenic Place on The Planet “Cappadocia”

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Have you ever wanted to visit the most photogenic place on the planet? If so, look no further than Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is known for its stunning temples, iconic landscapes and colourful culture. But what many people don’t know is that it’s also one of the most photogenic places on the planet.

Get it on the map.

You have seen the romantic pictures of hot air balloons floating above rock formations and beautiful breakfasts in an airy hotel room with sweeping views. And so, you’ve decided to visit Cappadocia – The Land Of Fairy Tales!.
In middle  of arid plains it looks like a fairytale kingdom full off magical creatures that live on top secret spots only known by few people who’ve been there themselves… or at least thats what our guide told us before he left for good last night! It was impressive enough just getting into town but now i’m even more curious about all these places he described.

It’s at the top of my list of the most beautiful places to visit in Turkey, and I can say that since I’ve gone to Cappadocia 2 times in the previous 6 years!

When you arrive in Cappadocia or your first stop in Turkey, maybe from Istanbul to Cappadocia, make sure to pick up a tourist sim card for Turkey as this is the simplest method to purchase a sim card for Turkey and then you’ll have data for the duration of your trip!

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

You have to spend your first morning in Cappadocia on a hot air balloon ride!
The view from up there is absolutely breathtaking, and I think this may be the only thing that makes mass tourism look good.

After your perfect morning up in the sky, you’ll still have time to head back home and enjoy a delicious breakfast before starting off on an unforgettable tour of Cappadocia.

Hiking in Goreme

Visit the Goreme Museum and then take a walk in one of Cappadocia’s many nearby valleys. You’ll find Sword, Rose or Red Valleys which are all great places to explore on your own! If you want more than just sightseeing when visiting this area – check out these other activities too: hiking through vine-covered hillsides; bathing under giant rock pools filled with colorful fish swimming around underwater rocks (and no doubt trying some food cooked by Mother Nature herself)…

Horse Riding in Cappadocia

Horse riding is a popular activity in Cappadocia, and tourists can choose from various options. For those who don’t know how to ride or are uncomfortable with horses there’s an easy 2-hour sunset ride that will make your experience incredible!

I went on one two-hour ride that was fun but also cool enough for me to enjoy it during summertime!

Dinner in Goreme

The sun is about to set, so you should head straight for dinner.

If you are looking for an amazing place to photograph, consider Cappadocia. With its unique landscape and variety of geological features, it is no wonder that this location has been named one of the most photogenic places on Earth. Whether you are a professional photographer or just enjoy snapping pictures for your Instagram account, make sure to add Cappadocia to your travel list!

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